Hello - I'm Chris Gannon, a freelance interactive motion designer, animator and consultant. I live and work in the UK among the rolling hills of the Hampshire countryside with a terrific wife, some cool children and a very naughty beagle.

Originally a music producer and After Effects video animator I now specialise in video and web animation (mostly SVG), UI, UX and interactive design. I'm comfortable at any stage of the creation process from concept, storyboard and illustration to design, code and build;  micro interactions, logo and icon animations, explanimations (love that word) and interactive art are also my areas of specialty.

Over my career I've worked with a lot of the big players - BBC, Google, New York Times, Microsoft and Amazon - my work was also recognised by the CSS Design Awards who awarded me the best Code Wrangler for two years running.

My work made the top ten most hearted pens of 2016 on CodePen and my animations are featured in the Best Of Web Design 2016 on UpLabs. I'm also a featured artist on Ello and Giphy with over 45 million views. 

I often build my own tools to help improve my workflow and contributing them to open source is important to me - it's a way of giving back to the community that always helps me when I need it. I also have my own store where you can buy a hand picked selection of my work and I'm proud to be rated a 5 star author on CodeCanyon.

I'm an advanced GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP) designer/developer, often contributing functionality to the platform itself and I'm often invited to speak at conferences and give workshops on animation and interaction design. I've also appeared on countless podcasts and been featured in and interviewed for several publications.

My core values lie in both the form and the function, I teach and learn in equal measure and I always try to inject humour, depth, quality and meaning into all areas of my work, although sometimes if something just looks cool then that's fine by me. 

Innovation and variation are my driving forces and are woven into my fabric. Along with tea and perfectly looping GIFs. 

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