Animator and interactive designer

I'm Chris Gannon, an Award-winning Freelance designer

As an independent designer and animator with over 20 years' commercial experience, I have worked with some of the world's largest (and smallest) brands. Every day I bring concepts, illustrations and storyboards to life with clean, readable code and I can add real value to your business at any stage of the creative and development process.



I convey complex ideas by simplifying them through animation. I get a kick out of solving your puzzle.


Logo Animation

A great logo tells the world who you are. I can animate it to tell them where you're going.



To teach is to learn. YouTube is where I post videos of techniques I've developed so that others can learn too.


I make interacting with animations, data and information functional and most importantly, fun!



I've been selling designs and code since 2013 and I'm proud to be a 5 star rated author. 



I write articles and post ideas and processes on CodePen to give back to the community.

Past Clients

GANNON.TV is a trading name of FRAMESPARK INTERACTIVE LIMITED, UK Company No. 07368908