People say the nicest things...


We’ve enjoyed working with you and are thoroughly impressed by the results. You are truly a master of your craft.

Alan Pledger,

CEO, Landing Lion


Chris Coyier,

CodePen, CSS Tricks

Definitely look up Chris Gannon's work, he's an amazing illustrator and every time he releases a pen I can't wait to heart the dang thing!


Scott O'Reilly,

CEO, Spider Strategies

Holy cow, [the logo animation] is amazing!!! It’s the perfect vibe, professional yet light hearted. I’m in love.


Jack Doyle,


Chris is one of the most talented motion designers I know of, and can tackle just about any challenge you throw at him.


Andrew Holden,

Global Digital Creative Director, Dyson

Chris has a fantastic ability to look a piece of design and know exactly how best to bring it to life through video or animation. Every project he touched was better for his involvement and he always managed to take them to places that exceeded the initial brief. 


Patrick Mulford,

CEO, Chief Creative Officer, theAudience

Chris is an innovator and a pioneer, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is technically possible within the medium.



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