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Everyday icon set (12 premium icons)


Everyday icon set (12 premium icons)


Everyday icon set contains all 12 beautifully hand-crafted, premium quality animated icons.

Get ready — your projects are going to look FANTASTIC!

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The whole caboodle

The Everyday icon set is a curated selection of 12 hand-crafted, premium quality animated icons made for Lottie.


  • Beautiful vector graphics means the animations stays sharp at any size
  • Fully editable source file
  • Adobe After Effects file (.AEP) included
  • Lottie/Bodymovin JSON file (.JSON) included
  • Compatible with iOS, React Native, Android & Web
  • Webflow integration
  • Generous bundle discount

What is Lottie?

Lottie is a framework that plays vector animations created in Adobe After Effects across mobile and desktop platforms. Read more.