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Hello - I'm Chris, an animator, illustrator and interactive designer


Recent Work

Nectar Bird is an SVG web animation for  MailPoet

Nectar Bird is an SVG web animation for MailPoet


What Do I Do?


Interactive Animation

Our digital world is built on live, ever-changing data. I design interactive, dynamic components that respond, adapt and display beautifully.



With over 1 billion views on Giphy my stickers are a popular choice for those wanting to personalise social media content with funky animation.


Smart Design

From web data and smart home devices to vehicle UI, I combine functional and practical animation with highly aesthetic interactivity.


Logo Animation

A great logo tells the world the story of who you are. A thoughtful and engaging animation treatment can enrich and enhance that story.


Custom Loaders 

Waiting for content is boring. Custom loaders are a great way to re-enforce your brand, entertain your audience and show you value their time.


Interactive Logos

Set yourself apart from your competitors with a carefully considered interactive logo and take your brand engagement to a whole new level. 


GANNON.TV is a trading name of FRAMESPARK INTERACTIVE LIMITED, UK Company No. 07368908