Case Studies


Case Studies

What I love about my job is that every project is different. I always try to do something in a new way so that the end result feels fresh. 



With the launch of Horizon on the, well, horizon, the nice folks at RethinkDB approached me with a brief - design an animation that captures the essence of their new open-source backend for JavaScript apps. We were all over the moon with the result.



Launching a new business can be stressful and Vroom understood that great design and quality animation is essential for success. Nick Slater created the beautiful vector designs and I brought them to life with some pure SVG action. 

This is not live yet.



With a forward thinking business proposition, Drift is software platform 'that will replace your traditional utility relationship''. They know that the best way to engage your audience is through animation and what a lot of animations there were!

This is not live yet.



The statement at Satalia is 'We solve hard problems' so they approached me to create a set of animations to visually describe and simplify the core parts of their business. Where possible I designed the SVG animations so that they were different on each visit.



Microsoft Story Labs is a magazine-style project that aims to shine a light on the ways in which technology can aid, assist and advance humanity's quest for improvement, often in unexpected ways. I created several SVG animations for the  'Computing Cancer' story to add life and humanity to static illustrations.



I was approached by agency For Goodness Sake who had a collection of static icons designed Ion Lucin for OMGYES, a site that is 'A modern, hands-on exploration of women's sexual pleasure'. The icons represent various techniques and needed animation in order to convey exactly how they worked. Check out the collection here.