About Me

Hello! I'm Chris Gannon, a self‐taught interactive motion designer, animator, illustrator and programmer. I live and work in Hampshire, UK with a terrific wife, some cheeky children and a naughty and often disgusting beagle.

I began creating commercial work in the mid 1990s writing, producing and releasing music on my own record label. I picked up a copy of Macromedia Flash 2 in 1997 and the course of my life changed forever - for the next 15 years I spent my time making crazy interfaces, animations and interactive toys for fun (and for some amazing clients like Google, BMW and the BBC).

I've always been a prolific creator - I'm happiest when I'm making something new and now I'm building most of my projects with JavaScript, CSS and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). 


I have been awarded the Code Wrangler CSS Design Award two years running now, I'm a 5 star rated author on CodeCanyon, I document some of my processes and teach on YouTube, I give workshops and speak at conferences and I'm an advanced GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP) designer/developer, often contributing functionality to the platform itself. 

I'm a LEGO builder and serial doodler and you will often find me making funny little animations for my family to celebrate an event or special occasion.

My core values lie in both the form and the function, I teach and learn in equal measure and I always try to inject humour, depth, quality and meaning into all areas of my work, although sometimes if something just looks cool then that's fine by me.

Innovation and variation are my driving forces and are woven into my fabric. Along with tea and SVG and perfectly looping GIFs. 

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